Fun With Palindromes

3 Feb


The other day, I was thinking about what I should write next.  A poem or something else?  Then I remembered how long ago, I wrote a palindromic sentence that I sorely wished I kept.  I put so much work into it and now it’s lost for good, and I will always regret that.  For those who are not familiar with palindromes, it is a word, verse, sentence that reads the same backward or forward.  Some examples are:

Madam, I’m Adam.
Able was I ere I saw Elba.
Eva, can I stab bats in a cave?

The above sentences actually make some sense, but in many cases, the sentence, while being palindromic, hardly makes any sense whatsoever, and if the palindrome in question is a paragraph, it tends to jump from one topic to another, its goal being to exist as a palindrome rather than having a subject to speak of.

T. Eliot, top bard, notes putrid tang emanating, is sad. I’d assign it a name: gnat dirt upset on drab pot-toilet.

(If that does make sense to someone, please forgive me.  I’m just not seeing it.)

There are many impressive creations out there and palindrome programs to assist someone in creating them, but I decided that without the aid of a program, I will attempt to write up a few.  Beneath each one, I will put my own interpretation.  However, just like with poetry, interpretations may vary.


Spot on! Sage mowed dew omegas, not Ops.

[You’re right, Sage mowed the last of the wet grass, not the Roman goddess of the harvest.]

Boy pal’s pal peels Hannah.  Sleep lap!  Slap yob!

[The male friend of Hanna’s male friend is taking off Hannah’s clothes, but she is asleep on someone’s lap!  (Or someone could be telling the guy to go take a cold shower.)  Slap the hooligan!]

Liam got spam.  Mad?  No, ward.  Draw on dam maps to Gmail.

[Liam got spam.  Is he angry, his ward asks?  (Or ward could indirectly mean his supposed email protection, a.k.a. spam filter.)  His answer is no, transfer the maps of the dams (or if overheard, it could be interpreted as damn 😉 ) to Gmail.]

This time I will save these for future reference, I swear it.  😀  If there are any others you can think of, please feel free to put them in a comment.  I’d love to see what else others can come up with.


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