GM Salmon to be Approved in Summer 2013 Despite Public Opposition

27 May

By summer of 2013, US governing bodies, or, the alphabet soup of corruption (USDA, FDA, etc.) are expected to grant permission for scientists to roll out genetically modified salmon and allow for genetic engineering in farm animals for human consumption.

GM Salmon to be Approved in Summer 2013 Despite Public Opposition.


7 Responses to “GM Salmon to be Approved in Summer 2013 Despite Public Opposition”

  1. Madrepérola June 11, 2013 at 3:41 am #

    It’s shocking and unbelievable isn’t it ?
    Let’s try our best that they change their minds…. although very difficult. But if we take action. THERE’S SO MUCH WE CAN DO ABOUT IT, YET.
    I for my part often think of wonderful things we can do, and try to grow towards it, that I’m able to put in practice. But sometimes, upon lack of direct response, I give up those thoughts.
    Would you like to see my videos about it? Although I’m only just learning, as I publish each new one, and they can be a lot better.
    I’m also doing a fast in order that they give attention to our arguments against it, and they discover that there’s a better way and solution.
    I think the greatest problem, is the scientific community. After all they work at these things all day each day. There’s so much investment.
    How about if we try to organise the scientists and philosophers etc. the academical and known people who are against it?
    The issue is also very connected with cloning: and the investment in that, is gigantic.

    Thank you for your article and for being aware of these things.
    Beautiful back picture too

    Best Regards,

    • chandanimane June 11, 2013 at 4:46 am #

      Hi Madreperola.

      Thank you so much for your very heartfelt response and for your desire for action. I greatly admire that. On the one hand, I am seeing progress being made through persistent activism. That gives me some hope. On the other hand, I am afraid that the greed of these companies and politicians is so great that we will never be able to turn this around. What I am seeing others resort to, and what I am most likely to do, is to sustain my little corner of the world by growing an organic garden, perhaps an aquaponic garden, and saving my own seeds. Activism is important to maintain, of course! But I am not going to assume that greedy individuals who seek power will suddenly change their ways. Thank you again for visiting my blog, and I am happy to follow yours. All the best!

      • Madrepérola June 16, 2013 at 4:18 am #

        Thank you so much for your reply and subscription and for feeling my heart 🙂
        On one hand, I am fully with you. The way to do, is both. But the creation of the alternative, can not make that the “activism” is less strong.
        I can not do everything — and that is the problem with many of us 🙂
        On the other hand, dear, the problem is:
        The issues we are referring to, clones, mixing human and animal genes, privatising water and further, GMO, chemicals and nano technology, will not save you. As you know, they contaminate everything, they come through the air and rain, they contaminate each seed, they destroy fertility and will create millions of defect children- as in Vietnam, but on a wordly level. Upon this, my dear, it changes my mind. I wouldn’t care a thing about seeing my little garden with roses (without me knowing or wanting, GMO anyway), and my little corner with my favourite music, when knowing that there are really actions we can take together which really can STOP this monstruosity.
        The only problem is to move enough people. Even if we wouldn’t succeed, at least we would be in the happiness of really really really having had given all we had to it.
        The problem is that the people who asked this, often were not doing what he told us to do. 🙂
        But of course, we need our gardens, and to do also what you described, Two hands: one creating the alternative, the other rejecting and putting away evil.
        All the best too! Nice to have you around ! 🙂

      • Madrepérola January 4, 2014 at 10:16 am #

        Happy 2014. Thanks for following my blog:)
        If enough of us are active and supporting the ones who are, they will, at a certain time. Our collaboration and mutual love is a necessary condition. Hitler became Hitler because people didn’t do anything against him, strongly and united. If they did, he had no chance.
        And who are “us” ?
        Many of us are not really united….
        The greed of the companies lives through, mostly based on lack of information, of themselves and others. And also based on wrong ideas (concerning economy, health, resources, etc). Most of them aren’t more greedy then the most would become if offered the same circumstances. Many are even good people – just raised in and with a certain mind set. Also many, think realistically, that the rest of humanity is also functioning trough egoism, and will not to any better then them, if they gave them the resources.
        So, do you think I can do this alone?
        Real generosity is necessary, spreading of the information, cooperation, collaboration, love and active good will.
        Those cooperations only function because they have trillions of people working for them day and night. All these people suffer from lack of info and lack of proof that things are or can be different.
        And they are right: we don’t proof to them: most people just want to care for their little garden or little own this or that, and the rest can burn — except in theory.
        This is the only reasons things are as they are.Ok?
        🙂 Love
        PS – It can be so much better !!!

  2. chandanimane June 16, 2013 at 10:54 am #

    I love your reply and agree with everything that you said. Sometimes I get frustrated, but I do agree that taking action is very important as well, and I believe that the more of us who come together will create a louder voice. I look forward to your future posts and learning more about what we can do together to change the world for the better. Take care!

    • Madrepérola January 4, 2014 at 10:24 am #

      I had not seen this reply and I just replied the above 2 times 🙂
      Thanks a lot 🙂 ok!

    • Madrepérola January 4, 2014 at 10:44 am #

      I had not seen this reply and I just replied the above 2 times 🙂
      The feed only showed your 1st comment.
      You are so right. We do get frustrated.
      Other times, we simply reached the limit of time, and are on the verge of dying if we don’t take better care of ourselves, at least for a while… it’s my case now.

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